My husband and I met in 1987 over 30 years ago in New York City while he was a student at FIT University (Fashion Institute of Technology) studying jewelry design and I was working in an office in Manhattan. He was working part time in the same office building while going to school. He worked on the 11th floor and I worked on the 9th floor. We used to see each other in the elevator and somehow saw each other all over New York City all the time. He kept asking me out to lunch and I always had an excuse that I was busy. Well I finally said yes to lunch and the rest is history. We immediately fell head over heels for each other. We married in September of 1989 and couldn't be happier. We lived in Manhattan for a few years while he finished his schooling and I continued working. After he finished his studies we relocated to Southern New Jersey and opened our first jewelry store in 1993.  

Our first Jewelry store was located in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey where we currently reside. We had a wonderful business filled with beautiful local customers shopping and having fun when they came in to our store. We developed beautiful relationships with our customers and now we are taking care of our customers children that we've known since they were born. We offer our customers a large variety of services which include custom design, in-house expert jewelry and watch repair and excellent customer service. You can provide Mathew the jeweler with a picture or just an idea and he will take you through each and every step of creating your special piece of jewelry. Mathew the jeweler creates one of a kind special pieces that you cannot find any where else.  In addition to our custom designs we also have beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry for sale. These pieces are not mass produced and have been designed by Mathew. These pieces are unique in their own way. You will find the most unusual not seen everywhere pieces of jewelry in our store. We take pride in giving our customers the best quality merchandise at an affordable price.

When you shop with us it's like you're becoming part of our family. We stand behind each and every piece of jewelry we create for you. Mathew and I love to see the faces of our customers when they come in to pickup their custom designed pieces of jewelry. Words cannot express how exciting it is to watch their faces when we open up the box. It's also exciting for us to see our customers reaction to their custom piece they helped us to design. Even when customers come in to make a purchase from our huge selection of in stock jewelry they see the quality of merchandise they get and keep coming back.

We closed the Egg Harbor Township location in 2008 to re-open in Atlantic City New Jersey in 2009. At this new location Mathew continues to create your one of a kind pieces. Mathew and I take pride in our quality and the service we provide and treat our customers the way we like to be treated. When you enter our store and see the love we feel towards each other that reflects back onto our jewelry.  We hope to be able to do this for another 30 years!!!  

Mathew and I look forward to helping you make your jewelry dreams come true!